Bart de boer

Bart de Boer, MD is neurosurgical resident at UMC Utrecht. His PhD research concerns the sutureless  Elana Clip 3.0.

jasper helthuis

Jasper Helthuis, MD is developing a mathematical  model to predict flow in cerebral arteries. He conducts his PhD research in collaboration with UMC Utrecht and the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras. Jasper is currently resident at the department of Radiology at Medisch Spectrum Twente, Enschede.


Kiki gortzak

Kiki Gortzak, MD completed medical school at the University of Groningen. Early 2017 she started with her PhD research in Utrecht which focuses on the sutureless oval Elana clip for mid size arteries.


Ahmet kinaci

Ahmet Kinaci, MD obtained his medical degree at the University of Amsterdam. Ahmet's PhD research subject is the development of a scientifically proven, watertight cranial dural sealant to prevent CSF leakage.