From out-of-the-box thinking to evidence based devices. Dedicated to improve quality of life.

About Brain Technology Institute (BTI)

BTI is a non-profit organisation located in the Netherlands.  Founding partners UMC Utrecht (NL), University Hospital Zurich (CH) and the Toronto University Health Network (CA) established BTI in 2013 because of a desire to have an Institute that focuses on centralizing the knowledge, research and development of new products and technologies in the field of neurosurgical diseases.

Besides the work we do on training and education we offer a variety of services that can help accelerate your medical device venture. Our team consists of medical specialists, accredited laboratory technicians and scientists. We operate in an ecosystem that enables us to make use of the most modern diagnostic and surgical equipment. Our track record of successful bench-to-bedside medical device development includes getting FDA approval to launch neurosurgical operating techniques and medical devices in the US. Our network is global and gives us access to the thought leaders in the field.

Through BTI’s bench-to-bedside development of the Elana Surgical Kit (CE, FDA and Health Canada approved) and the unique combination of BTI's (laboratory) facilities, know-how and collaboration with world-leading neurosurgeons we are able to facilitate all steps from idea / invention, conducting (pre-) clinical research and certification of a product in the neurosurgical space.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of neurosurgical patients through:

  • Simplifying neurosurgical techniques;

  • (Co-) development of new, scientifically proven, neurosurgical technologies;

  • Drive education in the field of neurosurgery.

Being an independent, non-profit organization that operates in close collaboration with world-renowned neurosurgeons, BTI is able to make a difference for neurosurgical patients through its research & development and educational programs.