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Charity Contemporary Art Auction for BTI

Tom Blachford,   Ship of the Desert  - Midnight Modern  , 2015. Courtesy: Artitled Contemporary

Tom Blachford, Ship of the Desert  - Midnight Modern, 2015. Courtesy: Artitled Contemporary

The Brain Technology Institute (BTI) is excited to announce a Contemporary Art Auction on the occasion of the 8th European-Japanese Cerebrovascular Congress  (EJCVC) in Zurich. This online auction will take place from June 17-June 25, 2016 through Catawiki.  

High quality pieces of art have been carefully selected for the EJCVC with a focus on Japanese and European artists. You will find details and pictures of all available works in this Catalogue.

By purchasing a work of art you help create a true win-win situation:

  • you become the owner of an work of art by a renowned artist;
  • you support our research projects since a large % of the proceeds will go to BTI;
  • you support the artist since the remainder of the proceeds will directly go to the artist;
  • your purchase may be tax-deductible since BTI has the ANBI status.
Hidenori Mitsue, Monkey and Birds, 2015. Courtesy: Francis Boeske Projects

Hidenori Mitsue, Monkey and Birds, 2015. Courtesy: Francis Boeske Projects

Please download the Catawiki Auction App so you can place your bid from your phone wherever you are from June 17th till June 25th, 8PM CEST.

Our special thanks go to the participating artists / galleries:

Miles Aldridge - Reflex Gallery
Jeroen Allart  - Jan van Hoof Galerie
Shouzou Araki -  Canvas International Art
Tom Blachford - Artitled Contemporary
Elspeth Diederix  - Stigter Van Doesburg
Tim Hailand - Reflex Gallery
Petra Hart
Mariko Hasumi - Canvas International Art
Hideki Iinuma - Marian Cramer ProjectsRené Jolink
Eline de Jonge - Janknegt Gallery
Yoshiyuki Kakedo - Galerie de Zaal
Hidenori Mitsue - Francis Boeske Projects
Yoshitomo Nara
Judith Osborn
Piet Paris
Tomoko Yamaguchi - Canvas International Art
Mayuka Yamamoto - Canvas International Art

Yoshiyuki Kakedo, Untitled 27-2-2012, 2012. Courtesy: Galerie De Zaal

Yoshiyuki Kakedo, Untitled 27-2-2012, 2012. Courtesy: Galerie De Zaal

Please go ahead and place your bids on your favorite pieces through this link.

The Brain Technology Institute is a non-profit organisation and is the only institute worldwide that specifically conducts research and develops devices to treat patients with rare neurovascular diseases: From out-of-the-box thinking to evidence based devices. Dedicated to improve quality of life.

The European Japanese Cerebrovascular Congress (EJCVC) was initiated in Zurich in 2001 by Prof. Y. Sakurai and Prof. Y. Yonekawa, under the name “Swiss-Japanese Joint Conference”. The 8th edition of this conference is being held in Zurich and hosted by Prof. Dr. Luca Regli, Chairman of dept. of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Zurich and BTI board member. During the Gala dinner on June 24, 2016, the second last day of the auction, all art works are being presented and guests are invited to place their bids.

Catawiki is the world’s leading and fastest growing online auction house for art and exceptional items and collectables. Catawiki has over 12 million visitors per month and their auctioneers auction off 25.000 lots per week.

I hope you enjoy this online auction and will support BTI by obtaining a high-end work of art.

Best regards,
on behalf of the board of BTI
Claartje Beks-Ypma
Founder / President BTI