Speed4care / i4talent races voor BTI!


'About i4talent/Speed4Care'
i4talent is a Dutch secondment company that is specialized in financial and data professionals and was founded by Danielle Kleyheeg. Danielle’s passion for car racing resulted in a program called Speed4Care. The goal of this program is to raise money for charities through car racing and rally’s. Together with her colleague Jessica van der Kist, commercial director at i4talent who shares the same passion for car racing and Danielle, they make an outstanding race couple. They have participated in various car races and they have been a team in the famous 'Tulpen Rallye' for several years.

'Cooperation Brain Technology Institute (BTI) & i4talent/Speed4care'
The cooperation between BTI & i4talent is an idea of Marjolein van der Kist and her sister Jessica. Marjolein is working at BTI and came in touch with the organization because of her experience as a patient who successfully underwent a bypass surgery twice. She personally discovered how important it is that people like her, with a rare vascular malformation in the brain, can be helped. This experience had a lot of impact, not just of Marjolein’s life, but also on that of her family and friends. This season, Jessica and Danielle are going to race for BTI!

'Racing & Neurosurgery'
Despite that fact that racing and neurosurgery are seemingly two completely different disciplines, there are also quite some similarities. For example, in both disciplines training and precision is extremely important. Also, both in neurosurgery and in car racing the circumstances vary constantly. And, in both cases it is all about the outcome!

Therefore,  the month of May 2017 will be fully dedicated to racing in order to raise funds for BTI. The goal isto raise € 5.000 in order to further develop the lifesaving ELANA-technique developed by BTI. The Elana procedure is designed to make traditional bypass procedures safer and easier, and to enable minimally-invasive bypass surgery. However, there is still a (small) group of patients that is eligible for an Elana bypass, but cannot be treated with this technique because of the fact that the size of their blood vessel where the bypass needs to be placed is too small. The proceeds of the activities of Speed4care for BTI will be used to manufacture and test these new tools and to develop this technique.

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